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Full Foarce is an all-female ocean rowing team that will compete in the World's Toughest Row-Pacific in June 2024. 

We are a group of ordinary, adventurous women who are coming together from across the United States to train for the biggest adventure of our lives; rowing 2,800 miles from Monterey, California to Hanalei Bay, Hawaii.

We have our sights set on breaking the current world record for a 4-person women's team Pacific crossing, which stands at 34 days, 14 hours and 20 minutes. 

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Team Full Foarce was featured in a story aired by local Hawaii news station KHON2!

Team Full Foarce

An extreme series of endurance races where individuals from across the globe gather annually to test themselves against Mother Nature and compete to row thousands of miles across the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.  Each ocean offers a unique atmosphere allowing teams to gather together and absorb what will be a once in a lifetime adventure and experience. 

Sleep deprivation, hallucinations, hunger and the ultimate test of body and mind will be balance by sighting incredible marine life, witnessing the breaking of a new day and sun sets that cannot be viewed from land.  Camaraderie, achievement, self-discovery and pride will be among the many experience delivered by rowing across an ocean.

World's Toughest Row


Help these 4 brave women row across the Pacific Ocean!

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